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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the family chapel with^in^ the building, plain and cheerless.
Thence down through the arched galleries underneath the
Palace, 6 of them inlaid top, bottom, and sides   with pebbles,
pieces of marble, black and white lava, and plaster imitations
of shells            Thence up stairs again and out upon the
garden terraces,    up to the highest which has no earth, simply
a paved promenade-            All of the walls and projections of
the terraces are ornamented with statues, generally colossal,  and
all badly decayed,    being cut from a perishable porous
dark stone.          Every where,  at every turn, little Lizzards [sic]
start up near you,  upon the walks, walls, and trees-
But what a magnificent view from the summit.    The snow-
clad ranges of Monte Rosa and the Simplon  overtopping the high
but snowless dark coast range..     The villas and villages
dotting the sloping coast all around us,    the largest of
which is Pallanza  behind which,     up the mountain side
one village above another   peeping out from the thick foliage
I can count thirty six villages,      then all around nearer
lies the beautiful placid lake,         but the gardner [sic] is off
and we must follow the party to see what is growing here in
sight of the eternal snows,    beautiful flower of every species
tastily displayed in curious beds,      large trees of the Arbutus
Magnolia,   Tea Indigo, Green and black Bamboo,   a
camphor tree 30 inches through by 40 ft high and a cork tree
four feet through,  each wide spreading,         an old tree
about 200 years old nearly used up-      large citrons on the walls
acres of vines-       a Lemon bower,      and lower down an

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