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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 6th  Having watched the weather several days for an excursion the length
of Lake Geneva we found today quiet and warm with a probability
of a cloudless sky-        A short walk across the bridge finds the
neat little steamer lying in front of the Hotel de Russia, from where
we start 10 A.M-   How swift we go, with a goodly load.
The lake is crescent shaped, 45 miles long and 8 1/2 miles wide at the
widest apart-   A long finger at the lower end averages 1 12 miles in
width, and near Castle Chillon is 5000 ft deep,   said to have
a peculiarly deep blue tint, but we “cant see it”, whether its deep blue or
deep green-    Very few sails are seen upon the Lake, but
at the piers are many long sharp prowed deckless scows, each carrying
two masts and two lateen sails,      said to reach 190 tons, the longest0
These peculiar sails are the only style we see-
This historic Lake has furnished a theme to writers of many countries
Voltaire, Rousseau, Goethe, Byron, Alexander Dumas, +c have each
tried their hand at it-
Our fast boat, scorning the small fry, first stops at Nyon, a pictu-
resque old village with a five turetted old castle looming up from an
eminence in its midst.      A little way beyond at La Bergerie now
lives Prince Napoleon, but he “wants to sell”-
Our second stop is across the lake at Thonon where “French bedizzend
Gendarm [sic] reminds us that we are in France.   French
Savoy borders upon the whole of that shore except a short peice [sic] at
the Geneva end-      Along that shore are several ruins of
the ancient Castles of the xxx Savoyard Dukes–mostly upon eminences.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Our next halt, at Evian-les-bains upon the same side, celebrated
for its Alkaline baths,  antique, rusty near the water, hansome  Hotels

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