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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 271             Chamonix

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 heaps of rubbish, sand, mud, boulders, +c.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 To the right across tje valley
toward the snowclad summits of the
great Mont Blanc,  below, coursed
the rivers Arve and Arveiron entirely
the melting of glaciers,  thickly bor-
dered with little villages within a
stones throw of each other,     and
below the junction appears Chamonix
so small, from this great altitude,-
while to the left upo the valley still
narrow, are many villages, apparently
shut off by the “Col de balm” rising at
the end, up ^on^ which we faintly dis-
cern two white specks close together.     [-Chamonix-Mont Blanc-From Le Flégère Cafe-]
They are two hotels, on the summit of the mule path to Martigny,
one of them is in Switzerland, the other in France,  the frontier line running
Between-            After an hours rest we order the guide
to return with the Mules while we walk ahead, to vary the descent.
That walk costs us much perspiration and sore muscles.  Disdaining
the zig-zag path, we, with our long sharp alpine sticks, plunge down
the precipitous barren slope cutting off many turns in the path, until
we reach the scattering fir trees, which, growing thicker, hid the fact
that the path has gone off to the right, but we continue straight
down all the time steeper and difficult until we too are obliged to
work down towards the right conscious that we have lost our way.
A cascade ahead roars ominously but we manage to cross it after a

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