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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 pas” (bad step) an irregular descent, along irregular natural steps, of
the precipitous rock, averaging 150 to 200 ft above the glacier,  much
spoken of by tourists, but really much safer than the loose uncertain
steps just passed where there was no railing to hold-as here a good iron
rod crooks around following our irregular but hard and safe steps  where
we felt no dizziness in looking gown   as complained of by many-
to the “Chapeau” a little way beyond,   a large single room Café
where in add-
ition to refresh-
ments are to be
found the usual
truck for sale.
From the
‘Chapeau’, which
is situated in
the face of
the cliff with   [-La Flégère -Le Chapeau-]
a rock wall many hundred feet above and overhanging, we have
a good view at the glaciers, across to the Montanvert,  to our right
across the valley to the mountain “La Flégère” nearly to the top of
which we descern [sic] the little white inn to which we are now di-
recting our steps.        After a rest, examining photographs
and allowing time for our guide to eat his old cheese with the old woman
in the adjoining Kitchen,   we came back a few steps and enter
the path descending the cliff quarter of a mile farther where we
find the boy awaiting us with the Mules.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Upon our left lies the lower part of the Mer de glace called the

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