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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 “mer de glace”,     we though we
had reached the opposite shore
so deceptive are distances in
this atmosphere-  but, Guide
says, “Ice 200 to 300 ft deep
under us-“     Here the
more rapid melting of the glacier,
which is diminishing rapidly,
has left piles of rock, sand, mud
the accumulations of centuries
interspersed with clear ice and
all around us deep dangerous
Crevices-    At one                [-Mauvais pas-]
place, although inclined to attempt almost any pass with our Alpine
stick sharply ironed, we positively refused to go where the Guide pointed
and made him desist and search another route-   It was, to go down
a smooth ice surface about 15ft, without steps ladder or rope, almost
perpendicular, to land upon a narrow irregular ice bridge about two
feet wide passing 30 ft between two wide crevices,  we threw
stones into the chasms and their thump, thump, down, down for
several seconds revealed bad places to fall into,  usually they kept
a ladder there,  but we found a better route, although much longer, over
peaks and crags of ice-  to the veritable shore.  Altogether nearly
half a mile,   thence up, and along the summit of a long narrow ridge
paralell [sic] to the descending Glacier, 2 to 300 ft above it,  sometimes, the path,
of gravel and loose pebbles, a foot wide, run along for many rods overlooking
the precipice where a false step would be fatal, until we reach the “Mauvais

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