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Two good mules are brought, already saddled with breeching (?) and holdbacks
and before 7 oclock we are off, the Guide leading Jeps mule, beyond
Chamonix, along the level valley, half a mile, when we turn to the right
and at once begin a steep ascent, up the fir clad side of the unvarying
slope, perhaps 45°  the mountain called Montanvert-     Up- Up- the
river and houses below grow small.  up. zig-zag, the bridle path averaging
about a yard in width, with no railing between us and the almost
perpendicular descent of a quarter of a mile- up- up- as much father and
the guide points to the chalet ahead says “thats half way”-   By 10 A.M.
we reach the little restaurant where we are to leave our Mules,   and a boy
who we have brought for that purpose leads them back down the mountain
along the valley and up the other side
of the glacier to meet us-
Café, stone jewelry, chrystals, canes,
photographs,      then taking off
our over coats, we, on foot, descend
about two hundred feet, down a very
steep, crooked, and disagreable sand path
to the Glacier, which stretches to the
right away up beyond sight in the range
and to the left down nearly to the Valley.
Upon the dull dirty porous ice
we walk over a rolling but tolerably
smooth surface until we strike the range
of sand, gravel, boulders, and crevices, which
the guides says is the centre of the glacier     [-Crossing the “Mer de glace”-]

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