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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Oct 2            Geneva to Chamonix        264

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 high.    At Scionzier
1030 AM.   4 large Bay Horses
and a new driver are substitu-
ted and here we pass the
return diligence form Cham-
onix,  and the discouraging
darkness overhead is giving
away to a cheerful cloudless
sky.    At Cluses
an interresting little village
at the base of the ^a^ mountain
1045 we pass the “Imperial
watchmakers school” and
halt 15 minutes before the         [ -Mer de Glace-Looking up from the Montanvert Café-]
diligence office without any apparent cause.  From Cluses we leave
the wide valley and enter a narrow gorge beside the framing Arve.
As we approach St. Martin and emerge from this obscuring gorge we
catch our fist sight of Mont Blanc, white and beautiful.  How deceiving
the distance.     The summit scarcely a half, of a mile, away, while the
actual distance is 12 miles in a a straight line.    Half mile
further,   across the river at Sallanches we dismount 12 1/2 for Dinner
which is waiting at the large inn-    Good variety, only two at the table besides
Jep and I,  facing Mont Blanc, An antique town but having wide streets.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Off again in 50 minutes,  but now our fine large diligence is gone and
we are perched on a disagreably sloping seat above the driver, the only banquet
on this little hack, surrounded by several natives much inclined to be jolly,
one girl for scarcity of seats sits on the conductors lap beside the driver.

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