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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 walk overlooks the River, which gradually diverges to the left,
while the street and opposite blocks of buildings continue straight
ahead for nearly a third of a mile before it turns towards the
head of the river,  thus leaving a triangular piece of land
intervening between the buildings and the water, which has been
ornamented with gravelled [sic] walks, shrubbery beds, a large
fountain, seats, and at the entrance near the long bridge called
“Pont du mont Blanc”,  standing upon a granite pedestal are a couple
of colossal bronze females by Dorer erected by the citizens in
of the union of
Geneva with the
Swiss confederation
What style
is hideous when
it becomes the
fashion. [Sic]
We are amused
at a Geneva style        [-English Gardens-]
of architecture, as we have not seen it anywhere else,  where a multitude of
chimneys are seen projecting from every roof, and from every chimney
are seen a variety of small stovepipes projecting six to ten feet, some-
times a dozen stovepipes issuing from a single chimney, with a variety of
End pieces in irregular directions like the upturned legs of an inverted
Beetle……            We have visited the Cathedral, near
the railway depot,  completed in 840 years ago by Emp Conrad 2nd ,
still in good condition, with handsome stained glass windows of the 15th  century

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