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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 249         Fribourg

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 we had already faced the ghost,      and on this trip felt more at ease and inclined
to crack jokes, in stage whispers,  “Monkey bring a light to find these candles”
“When’s the curtain going to rise”  “lets encore with our canes, its time
to begin” +c         This is one of the largest Organs in Gods choir and a
special letter from our Rev Mr. Goodrich   said we must not fail to stop and
hear it.     Has four Key boards,  7800 pipes, and 67 stops, some of them
32 ft in length-     The pipes from one or more of these Keyboards are
opened at the rear of the Organ, having the effect of throwing the music
to a greater distance, away down the street,     and one set, back there, were in-
tended to represent a chorus of voices, but it was imperfect, not as good
and deceptive as the Organ at Lucerne,                then suddenly the
great notes in front would be played with a power that fairly shook
the building and rung in our ears like a heavy fisticuff from a padded
boxer,  a whirlwind of roars, intended to represent thunder, a shaking
sieve for the rain,   but we had already heard too much genuine
thunder to be deceived by this wind draln(?),  we thought it not
as well executed as at Lucern.      Between the respective powers of
the two organs its difficult to decide which of the deafening roars were
the loudest.   Between the two knockdown blows on either ear it might
be difficult to remember which one was the hardest-

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 We came away a little disappointed that so fine an instrument
had not been more skillfully handled,   and I asked the ladies the
cause of t heir uneasiness in their seats.   They “didn’t like the class of
Flees [sic]   Flees!  where do you find Flees in Church?  “Why from the rabble
that infest it”– They are not good judges of Flees, and unite in
pronouncing church Flees the worst of all,  they are too large and

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