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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Sept 21                Fribourg        248

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 conspicuous square tower 266 ft  high, built  420 years ago.  The church
was begun nearly 600 years ago and completed in the year 1500.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 As we approached the side door we heard the notes of its celebrated organ
and finding the door yield to my efforts we entered.     After a quiet survey
of its extensive interior,   we discover 15 or 20 ladies and gentlemen, tourists,
up towards the alters, faced about, towards the Organ, quiet as church mice.
We walked up and at once took seats before them also facing the organ, over
the chief entrance.      Soon a little skullcapped monk entered the
xxxxx  door and surveyed his audience,  then came slipping along back
to them on the tips of his slippers, to not disturb the music,  and dunned
a couple of gentlemen who promptly paid the fee of one franc each,
then returned to his post and with hands on his hips took another survey,
although the audience was a little scattered around the immense columns, his
count did not seem to agree with his cash, and another slipshod trip back
to his flock, this time to dun a family of ladies who protested they had
paid, still he missed us each time.  Another return to the door,
where his little weazen [sic] face watch^d us through the iron grating with a dis-
satisfied expression.   We had flanked him.      We had come in rather
late and practicing was soon over so we did not contribute, but in the
evening we bought tickets at the Hotel and at 7 1/2 PM walked to the Church
proceeded by our Hotel Porter carrying a lantern, who marched at our
head even to the alter [sic] as the church was not yet lighted.   We took seats
among a knot of perhaps 50 tourists who gradually became visible as we
became accustomed to the feeble light of two tallow candles lighted upon
opposite sides of the church.     When the Organ begin we discovered
this was all the light they intended,.   And while others around us were
so still, as Artemus Ward would say, “you could hear a paper of pins drop”

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