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we cannot admire or wish to follow
some of their excentricities of existence.
We admire the hansome residences, the
decorated and carved cottages called
Chalets but we dislike the position of
their barns which usually adjoins the
rear of their houses like our Kitchens,
and we do not admire the neatly built
up pile of manure so valuable to them
and always to be found beside their
Houses-     but we must admire
the beatify of their women, even in
the lowest grades surpassing that of
any European country in my experience   [-Bridge interior-]
while the men are ugly louts.      In Germany the case is just
Reversed-                  we also ride over the Suspension bridges
for carriages, to the hights upon the other side of the city.    The
one starting from beside our Hotel Zaringer is 905 ft long, 22 wide,
and 175 ft above the river.      It shakes when we walk on it, still
we ride over it without fear-     Thence up the hill and across the
other suspension bridge which is only 700 ft long but which is
285 ft above the water, and instead of having the wire cables stret-
ched over high columns at each end, they are run directly into
the solid natural walls at each end.      Some men were on it re-
pairing the decayed railing and we felt easier when our carriage had
left it.    These bridges are the chief celebrity of Fribourg-

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