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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Sept 21             Bern-Fribourg        244

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 requires considerable  “educating” to admire-      They have a skillfull [sic]
way of blowing their nasal trumpets in a silk handkerchief, which can
be heard a quarter of a mile,  seldom with any apparent necessity,
but with apparent satisfaction to themselves.        We admire the tall
hansome [sic] officer near us and act our prettiest, until his trumpet
astonishes us into disgust.       Picking their teeth, smoking, and taking
a mouth full of water to rinse and eject from their mouth into the tumbler
again, upon finishing their meals,  are some of their accomplishments-

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 21st  After a pleasing ramble among the fine stores of Modern Bern among
which are splendid
displays of wood-
carving , the finest
carvings we have
ever seen-  we
take the 1040 AM
train to Freiburg
which we reach in
an hour, passing
through a rolling   [-Viaduct de Granfey-]
valley nearly all of which is tillable, with the Bernese Alps rising
high upon our left hand.        Just before reaching
the city we pass over the high Railway bridge justly celebrated,
wide enough for 3 or 4 tracks and our train running rapidly with
no more motion or trembling than when passing over solid rock.
After “settling” at our Hotel we took a Carriage and visited it for a more
minute examination.      It is called the “viaduct of Grandfey”, named
after a land proprietor living near the end we approach.         In this

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