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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 his pockets and strapped to his girdle.
One of the little chubby fellows rubbing his
eye with contorted face.    The lower
part of the shaft is encircled by a
bas-relief train of armed Bears-
Bruin is the heraldic emblem of Bern
Groups, statues, busts and basreliefs
of the irrepressible Bear are constantly
met with.   Shop windows in every
direction are filled with little
wood carvings of social groups of Bears
in every employment and amusement.
Playing cards, Billiards, dice, teaching
school-bands, orchestras- Dentists and
barbers’ shops +c +c      Across the
old stone bridge over the Aare near        [-Bear Dens-Nydeckbrucke Barengraben-]
by at your right are the near Bear dens where several large Bears are
supported at the citys expense,  according to immemorial custom, affording
much amusement to children and strangers by their clumsy evolutions.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 We walk up to a railing, part iron and part stone,  and look down
into a stone den perhaps 12 ft deep by 150 ft diameter,  divided into
two sections, each section in the rear having a house for the animals
to occupy at night-      We saw but two, out to receive the passers
donations (The law prohibits an food but bread or fruit) large
brown fellows, one of which was designated as the Bear that destroyed
an English officer ^in^ 1861.    The officer was on a spree and went into
the den for a little sparring bout, at night, although dissuaded by his

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