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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 237         Interlaken to Bern

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 at the little antique village of Neuhaus,     the benches and seats on
deck already occupied by a goodly number of tourists whose stachels
and bundles filled the centre tables-     down the lake, to Spiez,
on the left  bank, a neat little village with a picturesque small sized
castle on a little eminence jutting out into the lake, for 300 years the property
of the family Von Erlach,    thence straight across the lake at its
widest point  2 1/4 miles, to Oberhofen, where from the centre of the town
rises the turreted old castle of ^Count^ Pourtalis  and the Hospital founded by him.
Each bank of the lake is bordered with hights uniformly several thousand
feet high, verdant, and inhabited in many places where a foot hold
could be obtained-   Thence along the right bank to the hansome
modern Chateau of “Hunegg” the property of M de Parpart near
the pleasant little village of Hilterfingen,    then into the river “Aare”
clear but not deep, bordered with pictu-
resque villas and hansome [sic] lawns, a
short distance to the pier at Scherzligen,
the Railway terminus for the beautiful
little city of Thun, closeby, upon the
rolling land and sidehill.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 This is one of the hansomest [sic] little cities
that we have seen, although having only
about 4000 inhabitants,  and if we
had prepared for it would like to have
spent a day or two here-
It is the centre of trade for the oberland.
On an eminence near the River stands the
large square towers of the old Castle of         [-Thun-]

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