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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 scattering village of Grindelwald in the face of the two glaciers
across the narrow valley.    The nearest one to the Hotels lies
between the EIger and the Mettenberg Mts.   and the second, to the
left, between the Mettenberg and Metterhorn.        Before we
reach the Hotel, a quarter of a mile, we are met by a group of carriers
awaiting a job, who follow us to the top of the hill,  where arrangements
are at once made for the passage to the Glacier.     It seems so near
just a few rods, over there,    that I am much inclined to walk, but
am persuaded to take a Horse along with my children.   Ma and
Anna start ahead in wooden chairs,   each carried by two men with a
relief man for each following.   Pass through the village past several Hotels,
Pensions, stores and bath house,  thence through meadows for an hour, but
they are the rough Swiss meadows,  up steep little hills, down again, along a
rushing torrent, across bridges, up and down
twist around, abruptly, continually, past
cottages, a narrow path between two
fences 4 or 5 ft apart,   the walk all
the way wet and muddy, until the top
of the ravine is reached where the Horses
must be left, in front of a cottage and
beer shop, and beside us a little log shop
with alpine stocks, chrystals, photographs. +c
And here the chair riders join us, they
having taken another path out of our
sight for nearly an hour past.
Formerly when Mr. Goodrich of Cleveland
was here twenty years ago,  this Glacier         [-Ice Tunnel -Grindelwald Glacier-]

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