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enough this time without  carriers-    At 3 the passengers
begin to collect, when the three girls who have been Knitting
and chatting with the lounging peasants from across the
lake,     strike up a Tyrolean air standing in one corner of the
shed.    They sang together and Ma muffled up
in one of the carrier chairs was particularly charmed, dem-
anding more.     Its their regular business, passed their
plate and
were well
At 3 1/2 we
entered the
steamers Cabin
two rainy to
enjoy the
scenery from
the deck-     [ -Interlaken- ]
Lake Brienz is 7 1/2 miles long by 2 1/4 wide, varying ^in depth from
500 to 2100 ft deep.   and the trip to Interlaken is not partic-
ularly interresting, the shores being monotonos [sic] in their highth
and character, several thousand feet high, but we are now
getting accustomed to high shores and crave a variety.
Past a verdant island, and dilapidated village, upon our left,
a ruined ancient castle upon our right, we enter the narrow
river which runs through the town to the lake of Thume
on the other side-      Interlaken is a town of Hotels and

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