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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Sept 13            Lucern to Giessbach        224

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 summit 2300 ft above the sea, appears
the little lake of Lungern 250ft below
us.    Which in 1759 was considerably
lowered by a tunnel into the valley to-
wards lake Sarnen,    thus developing
a beautifully levelled little valley at its
upper extremity now thickly dotted with
cottages.     Upon the mountain
slope beside this charming valley
lies the wooden village of Lungern
where we stop two hours for dinner and
a rest for the horses, at the comfortable
little inn styling itself Hotel de lion d’or    [ -Lake Brienz- ]
(Hotel of the Golden Lion).    We walk along the mountain road and admire
the beautiful little stream tumbling down the precipitous mountain across
the valley, falling 200 ft clear in one place, and with our glass can count
a dozen waterfalls in different directions, rushing noisily over the cliffs
from the glaciers above,       while many tourist carriages roll past.
A good dinner down, we are off again, and begin at once to ascend the
steep grade of the “Brûning pass” over the Alps.       On all of
these grades the Horses walk, and a fifth Horse is hired with a boy, to assist
to the summit.  Henry, and the driver walk, and frequently Jep and
Alice also walk to gather wild flowers.      At the summit 3379
ft we see the carved post indicating the division between Cantons
Unterwalden and Berne, and discharge our lazy boy and 5th horse.
This road is not so romantic as the Axenstrasse, but is much higher with
more extended views over the narrow alleys below, and the mountains beyond

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