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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 How dull.  Our Hotel is quite empty,  no chattering groups of lint-pickers
as at Zurich- perhaps the other hotels are different, as some of them are
fuller than ours-    Jep and Alice try fishing from the little
floating dock below,  but the Fish are dull too and laugh at their efforts,
and I have blistered my hands giving them a ‘fast ride’ in the boat
with sidewheels resembling a steamer, propelled by cranks.
13th  Off for the Giessbach.  All packed, bundled, strapped and at half
past eight AM, breakfast over, we pile into a long carriage with our
baggage strapped on and covered over, behind-      a covered carriage but we
throw back the cover to enjoy the scenery-  Jep and Henry occupy the
cop coupé in front, just behind the driver, who cracks his long lash
and starts our 4 horse team at a gallop.      Down through
the town, across the bridge of the foaming Renzo,  up the grade between
the hights and we are out of Lucerne-   Thence along an arm
of the lake, close by the waters edge, under cliffs thousands of feet
over our heads, winding around romantically, suddenly bursting
upon little villages occuping [sic] the few rods of level ground which
kind nature occasionally allows them.             At Alpenach we leave
the lake and follow the river Aa 4 1/2 miles through a charming valley
to the interresting little village of Samen beautifully situated at the
feet of lake Samen,     thence along the lake under the cliffs and
around the upper end with the towering stanserhorn on our left and
the lofty Pilatus at our right.           what a beautiful little lake.
4 1/2 miles long,   entirely surrounded like a little water in a a tall wash-
bowl,  the verdant slopes of the mountains running straight into the water
dotted with Swiss cottages almost to their summits.     From this
lake for two miles, the grade up the Kaiserstuhl is quite steep, at its

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