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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The stones are all one size about 2 1/2 x 6 ft
well worn and loosely matched, rocking as
we pass.  shocking!  each stone is the
slab to a vault.            We have
visited another church very  elegant with
gingery gilding and wood carving, open
but vacant,     still another, but this
one is a Jesuit temple and the high
iron laticed [sic] gate confines ^us ^ to the vestibule.
On each side we see 4 chapels, occupying
the whole of each side, open, with a
shrine and paintings in each, gildings
everywhere.     The Jesuits no longer
dare enter, prescribed, driven from
the state by public decree.   They    [-Brünig pass-]
were found to be the stumbling blocks of advancement and education, and worse,
their laws allowed robbers to ruin the people, pardoning them for a share
in the spoils.            We cross the old foot bridge, rustic, covered,
venerated by the inhabitants, as, from the roof having 154 three cornered
paintings, faded, ill-proport^ion^ed, aged, representing scenes from the lives of
their patron saints St. Leodegar and St. Mauritius also events from Swiss
history.          Just above the bridge stands an old tower in the water, with
a hay-cock roof, containing the archives of the town, formerly used as a
lighthouse (“lucerna”).    Upon an eminence to the right we are shown
a house where Queen Victoria stayed in 1868, they say her money helped the
city, encouraged new roads +c-    Every morning we are awak-
ened by a priest ridden din of church bells for 2 or 3 hours.

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