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them towards us.      It was too tempting for Alice and I who’s
digestions happened to be “out of sorts”.        We proceeded
three miles farther to Altdorf a town of about 2500 people
the capital of Canton Uri,  in a little fertile valley surrounded
by high mountains.      Soon after entering the town we
come to the celebrated statue of Wm Tell upon the side walk of
the rather narrow street,   colossal, and are much surprised
to discover that it is made of plaster, rather rough at that,
a heavy thick-set peasant, but with a determined look.   It
is said to be occupying the spot where Tell stood when ^he shot the apple
from his sons head,   and about 150 paces further, up the gentle
slope of the street, the spot where stood
the son backing up against a lime-tree
now stands a fountain with a cheap
statue of Bessler the Bailiff of the village
erected at his own expense.
It was a terribly long shot and the
father must have been truly a
wonderfull marksman.    Tell
holds in his raised hand the arrow “to
stay thee, tyrant Gessler! had I killed
my son”-      An old town just
beyond the fountain, in a little paved
square has frescoes on the exterior, nearly
faded out, representing historical scenes
between Gessler and Tell-       [-Wm Tell-]  

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