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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Sept 9th            Lake of Lucerne        216

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the Hotel Rigi-Kulm near the summit-        One or two landings
further, is Gersau completely enclosed by rocks, built on the crescent
shaped slope ornament with luxurient orchards.    In the ravine behind,
looms up a silk mill, and far above upon the summit of the mountain
stands the large Hotel Rigi Schiedeck” (no prior quote),  a mere speck in the clouds,
doubtless commanding magnificent views, but its rather near the damp
thick clouds which we see so often laying upon the mountain, suggestive
of damp sheets, cold nights, winds, and inapproachable seclusiveness.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 For four hundred years Gersau with a population of about 1000 boast of being
an independent state scarcely 8 sq miles in extent.       Up to a few years
ago an annual feast was given to the beggars of surrounding country
which lastd [sic] three days.   Next stop at Brunnen the port for the
Canton of Schwyz hansomely situated where tourists often make lengthy
stays.    Three mile inland can be plainly seen the Capital, Schwyz,
built upon the lower slopes of two Mythen [sic] rising almost perpendicularly
close together, 6243 ft & 5754 ft    and at this point the Lake is so
near pinched off by the mountain from the opposite side, that from
here it takes the name Lake of Uri.        The spirit of Wm Tell
pervades the whole of Switzerland, but at Brunnen we enter the
heart of his little rampage.    The face of the white plastered building
by the landing has full length frescoes of the three original conspirators
or patriots Stauffacher of Schwyz, Urni of Unterwalden, and Furst of
Uri  holding up their arms “swearing”.    On the opposite bank
high up on the cliff stands the large Hotel of Seelisberg a charming
resort.     Underneath, on a little plateau near the water, is the
secluded spot where 33 men from the three cantons mention, met on
the memorable night of Nov 7-1307 and bound themselves by oath to free their

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