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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 215             Lake of Lucerne

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 is an old Swiss Guardsman in red swallowtail coat, and–well I don’t
remember the rest except his, tall figure, earnest face, long moustache and slim
goatee, who’s father was one of the “forty” who escaped-    nearly all
were cruelly butchered in prison-            The Lion is 28 1/2 feet long, colossal,
transfixed by a broken lance, its paw sheltering the Bourbon
lily.    The agonized expression of the dying brave (something left out?) is extremely
impressive  and the modelling is excellent-    Sitting in the rustic
chairs, a trickling rill pouring over the rocks,  the earnest voice of the
old soldier beside us, rivets us to our seats with almost a painfull

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Friday 9th   At 10 1/2 A.M.  we were on board the
little steamer, laying at the wharf, five minutes walk from our Hotel, bound
for an excursion, the length of the “Lakes of the four cantons”, accom-
panied by Mr. Castles family-
Soon after leaving Lucern, three or four
hansome residences come in sight on the
left high banks, where they must enjoy
a beautifull view from their palatial
towers and spires, real private castles.
A few minutes more brings ^us^ to Waggis
on the left bank, at the foot of Mt. Rigi
Waggis on this side, and Arth on the
other side are the starting points for
the aspiring tourists who desire to ascend that
elevation.          Away up towards the
clouds, a Hotel called “Rigi Kalt-bad” is
seen, where W. J. Gordon and family are
now staying,      not quite as high as   [-Tells Chapel-]

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