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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 columns, corners, and ornaments are of cream colored sandstone, the
filling up, of plastered wall marked off in blocks painted to imitate
the stone.   This plastering process is no discredit to it,
because a house entirely of cut stone is a rarity in Europe sel-
dom met with outside of the largest cities.     Berlin, Dresden,
Frankfurt, everywhere, the finest buildings, palaces, Hotels, and
the poorest also, are all plastered walls, nearly all painted
white, and seldom blocked off imitating stone.    NEver see a
wooden house, never see a nice brickhouse.    I have not seen
a good clean brick in Europe.   They are rough and of an ugly
assortment of colors no two alike.     Through the country
towns the houses are all of two kinds, either plastered, or
rough brick with unsightly open seams ready for plastering
when it can be afforded.    The plaster must be good, as I
have never seen any cracking off-

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 We were delighted with the Hotel Baur au lac at Zurich because
it was the first Hotel we had seen in Europe having the modirn[sic]
American improvements, but this Hotel has the same on a
grander scale, except the reading room which is not so attractive,
but still elegant.    The parlor is one room instead of half a dozen
as in N.Y. moderate size, carpeted, fine furniture and upright Piano
That is saying a good deal for Europe, for the Grand Hotel Paris with
its 700 rooms has no public Parlor, no reception room ^guests^ having
either to wait upon the steps surrounding the covered court or sit
in the reading room to be criticised by all the drinkers and smo-
kers sitting around,  but enterprising Switzerland is taking the
lead adding the beauties of art to their unexcelled beauties of nature.

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