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everything attractive to the ladies  and they stay there too, making their
parlor of it, and the best that I have seen in Europe-   At the
other end of the house is a public parlor containing a Piano,   the
first Hotel parlor that I have seen in Europe,     but here
comes better reading.   Henry from the postoffice, with three letters and
seven papers from Cleveland,   the first since thirty one days past–
we were getting very hungry for them–so far from home.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Sept 1st     The day opens bright and cheerful, we being to feel that the
rainy season is over,  open our folding doors onto the little iron
porch, and walking out find ourselves overhanging the river which
flows out of the lake, not into it,  amuse ourselves dropping
bread to the Fish which struggle for it in great numbers.
Ma’s and Alices room is upon the front facing the lake a few rods
distant, separated only by a hansome little park with fine shrub-
bery, graded walks, thick foliage, a fountain grotto and railings
overhanging the lake- charming-      The children
must have a ride at one–Anna Alice Jep and I jump into a boat
beside the walk and order the boatman to row us into the lake.
The sun being bright we induced the children to abandon their
passion for doing their own rowing, and accept a
boat with an awning.   The oarmans style of
rowing is to stand up behind the awning and push
the oars instead of pulling from a seat.   With
our Cleveland papers, opera glass, clear quiet day, gliding along
at 40 cts per hour it was lazily charming-
3rd  Today we took a delightful little excursion, lasting from

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