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in obtaining two good
rooms with a lake
view.   Their
policy is to give
each family one front
room and the rest in
the rear.  Everyone
wants a view of the
lake and will not stay   [-Hotel Baur-au-lac-]    
without at least one front view-        Descend the stairways again
for 5 oclock table d’hote, which is asking a good deal of Annas
strength but fortunately the stairways are quite easy and the stories
are not high.   In the Dining room we are gratified with the sight
of people,  many people, long tables filled with them, civilized happy
tourists.     At Prague the Hotel set no table d’hote as their only
guests were one American family besides ourselves.   Through Germany
Dresden, Berlin, +c,  only a handful of people at Dinner and many of
them jabbering smoking natives,    but here we are greeted with a
full supply of Americans & English who make us feel as though we
were at home again.        A fine large dining hall.  At the end we enter
on a large platform, stands a good sized, hansome fountain, playing,
surrounded by plants,  a young greenhouse,  while pretty plants
in picture painted porcelain vases are placed at regular intervals upon
the table, very cheerfull-          After Dinner we enter the
large reading room bountifully supplied with the latest papers from
America, England, France, Germany et and a good assortment of

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