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selection, but here we are informed that everything is made in
the country towns surrounding, where labor is cheaper, and that a
better display can be found in Vienna, so we abandon it-
Another object, was, to see the cutting and polishing of Bohemian
garnets.    Went to the store of Wzl Bubenicek the principal
dealer and learned several interresting facts-    The garnets are all
polished in country towns by families where the labor is cheaper, chiefly
at Turmau a place of 37000 inhabitants, where a whole family is
hired for 50 Kreuzers per day (about 21cts)        Nearly all the
“Bohemian Garnets” we see in America are called “imitation garnets” here,
that is, they are the cheap garnets from Tyrol instead of Bohemia.
The price of Bohemians here is 12fl per doz’ about the size of a split pea,
and is the ordinary size.   The next size larger, half as large again as
the first, cost 60fl per doz. and are as large as are generally found-
beyond that the prices are arbitrary and high-   They are of a deep
purple crimson, clear, and nearly as hard as a Diamonds, and naturally
before polishing are shaped like split peas-     The Tyrolean are
softer, lighter colored, and less clear.     All “carbuncles” are Tyrolean
easily detected when unmounted- holding them up to the light shows dark
ugly veins, and many are discarded before one is found good enough
to use, are always mounted with colored paper or composition underneath
to increase their brilliancy- and are found large, in great quantities.
Not so with Garnets-  they are always clear and fiery like a Ruby,
very seldom found large as a bean.    I have seen some here in
Palaces but they cost immense sums-
The proprietor said that polishing them in Prague was too expensive to

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