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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 hand to indicate the ours of day-    there are inner circle which
move to indicate astronomical changes.              The lower
dial is discovered with little circular paintings representing the seasons
two circles of 12 each.       At the time of our visit the representation
of “harvesting” had just passed, and “full sowing” was nearing the upper
point, the next in order was a representation of grape gathering,
and so on around the circles,     but we came more particularly
to see the moving figures which appear at the upper windows every
Hour-       We hurried through our Dinner, jumped into a carriage
and hastened to the spot for the 6 oclock striking,  being told that it
is a little irregular, sometimes performing ten minutes earlier, but
this time it delayed until two or three minutes after- we sat in our
carriage, opposite side of the street, amidst a gathering of carriages
and pedestrians accumulated.     Then the windows slid into
the centre and the twelve apostles slowly filed past, 6 before each
window, bowing and motioning with grave dignity, each differently
dressed in colored costumes, lifesized figures looking quite natural.
On the right side
of the upper dial a
skeleton is seen
striking the hour.
And the bronze statues
on each side move
about a little.
One of our
reasons for visiting
this place was to   [-Semi-weekly Horse market-largest in Europe-]

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