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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 enter the door (this chapel is kept locked) the large door ring is
shown us where King Venceslas was leaning when he was killed by
his brother Boleslas.    He is now Saint Venceslas and his tomb is under
the alter [sic],   a picture said to be 500 years old depicts it-
Opposite the Royal chapel are figures and groups life size in
pure silver,
the principal
one represents
Angels holding
up the Sarcoph-
agus of saint
which, with
the flying
figures and
lamps overhead,
are said to
weigh 3700
lbs of silver
In the
next chapel
a large piece
of the stone gate,
post was shot
off by a ball
from Frederick
the great’s   [-St Nepamucene, +c., in silver-]

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