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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Bohemia is,   the multitude of Plums, all kinds and sizes, very cheap
Another thing they notice is,  the great number of boys of their age
and even younger, who smoke cigars and pipes,  especially here in
Prague.            This city is the   second in size in the
Austrian empire,     was founded in AD 722 by Queen Libussa[ Seems to be a mythical queen that mostly makes her appearance in genealogies]
has suffered much in the different wars.       In 1420 the Hussites
defeated Emperor Sigismund, and sacked the city in 1424.  In 1631
during the “30 years war”,  it was captured by the Saxons and in 1635
was given up by a treaty of peace-             In 1742 the city was
captured by the Bavarians and French-     In 1744 it was
besieged by the Prussians and capitulated-  In 1754 during
the seven years war it was bombarded and 800 of its houses burned.

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