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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 180             Dresden

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Muskets with barrels ten feet long,   swords six to eight feet long,
pistols every size down to one inch, revolvers and breech loaders 200
to 200 years old.   Indian and Heathen weapons from all parts of
the world.   One striking feature among this mass of ancient
European, Turkish, Egyptian and Algerian arms, is the elaborate
inlaying of silver and ivory on nearly every piece-   Jewelled [sic]
weapons of Kings,   state swords too large to handle,  sword of Marin
Luther, Peter the Great, +c         Two rooms are devoted to ancient
relics and curiosities,    chiefly elaborate present to, or from Kings
Queens, +c – of different ages-    An elaborate dressing case Desk
of Martin Luther presented by Frederik the wise.  Boots and saddle of
Napoleon 1st and so on.       Very interresting, so entirely dif-
ferent from the usual furniture of museums-

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Our next visit was to the picture gallery of the “art union”
and the farther end of the promenade of the “Bruhl Terrace”-
and here we enjoyed ourselves to our entire satisfaction-   Found
what we had so long sought- but I will only speak for myself
although Ma Anna and Jep all expressed themselves equally
Pleased-    I had always doubted my taste for paintings of
any kind,  seldom seen any paintings that would arrest my
attention.   Palaces and galleries filled with the genius of the “old
masters”  over which conneseurs [sic] and artists would spread their admi-
ration, failed to revive my appreciated, too old, faded, dull,
gross, nude,    still felt a desire for something new and natural.
In this Art Union we have found them-     Scenery from the
present age,  bright, cheerful, natural, elegant-   We could
sit and admire with no desire to hurry through with the performance

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