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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 their knees.  All very quiet-   We walked quietly back a
few pews from the front, seated ourselves for a gaze at the
Alter and Raphaels work above it,    assisting ourselves (Anna
and I) with an opera glass,       soon an enthusiastic devotee
left his pew, came over to us, pointed to the glass and jabbered
something in Dutch ending with “Theatre”,  so that we could easily
guess his meaning.       We were not inclined to take offense, but
at once left them, and their superstition,  for a more interresting
and instructive set of Halls- across the street–in the “Zwinger”.
The first set of  halls, seven or eight of them, contain plaster
casts, chiefly from specimens of sculpture found ^in^ Herculaneum and
Pompeii, sans arms, sans legs,
and various imperfections accurately
copied, but I have no taste for
such specimens- too nude-
Next enter the armorial
Halls-  long rows of mailed clad
Horses with mail clad riders, all
life size, coats of mail of every
age, style, size, and quality-
Many Horses and riders covered with
the armour of Kings, brilliantly
decorated with precious stones
and elegant trappings.
Ancient arms of every description,
every age from the first introduction     [Frauline-Ullrich-Dresden Star Actrice-]
of powder,    thousands of them-

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