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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Aug            Dresden    177

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 skillfull workmanship-   The largest known Onyx 7 inches high by
2 1/2  wide valued at $30,000,   captured swords ornamented with
the choisest [sic] jewels.         Oh dear,  we are not satisfied.
Anna offered the Gentlemanly officer who speaks English well, double
price (4 Thaler) to let us stay two hours. “My dear Madame
it is not possible, but you may come again”.   We would
like to go again, direct to the 8th room, and stay the hour, but
we must poke along with the rest of the curiosity seekers, and
not go ahead, so we do  not gain much-        We pass out
through the directors room where our guide joins the two
other officers there,  and we pass out through the court, between
two young guards,   but we cannot avoid a feeling that
the valuables are insecure, that a smart gang of American
thieves would make a successful ^raid^ upon them if they were in
America.       Afterall,   I have forgotten to mention
the Pearls,     some of them the largest known,  from one, to one
and half inches in diameter, in the oddest shapes,  all of
them made into some curious characiture [sic] of comicalities, where
the shape of the Pearl would fit to advantage, jolly men,
women and children in various attitudes and occupations-
Even into animals and Birds.   A large mantle piece, larger
than ours in the  Bedroom at home, made of the finest rocks,
crystals and precious stones, having two rows of large Pearls cut
in half, inlaid across the whole front of it,  marble, china,
and Bisque, also-

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 We attempted “shopping” but with poor success.   A thorough
search through the city would not reveal a shop containing ready

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