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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the, cc–uu-rr-ii-oo-ss-ii-tt-ii-ee-ss,   spread out with such a
multiplicity “regardless of expense”.         I can’t describe,
only give the headings-   The first room, contained small
sized bronze groups.    The second, carvings in ivory.    The
third,  mosaics and a general variety of oddities, large amber desks, cases
coral workings +c- of great value-    The fourth vessels
in gold and silver, jewel caskets, ruby crystals of the lost art.
The fifth, Vessels in chalcedony, blood-stone, agate, jasper,
rock crystals, +c.,  carvings in ivory, wood, +c ornamented with the
rarest jewels in the 6th  and 7th  rooms.     When we bear in mind
that these rooms are all large, and filled, with these things, and
that said “things” are the largest and most elegant of their kind
the world affords, surpassing our imagination,  we are aston-
ished at the expense,  but the  8th  room is left to cap the
climax-  the previous are nothing,  passed from our minds-
A room perhaps thirty feet squares [sic] ^of which ^the sides are covered with
upright showcased, forming a magnificent “jewelry store”-  Tiffany,
Ball Black +c are no where, mere repair shops.      One set
of these cases, perhaps five feet long, contained jewels valued at
forty million dollars.   Such immense Diamonds in white,
yellow, pink, and green,  many of them large as a good sized hickory
nuts, some were larger,  one necklace of 38 stones (Diamonds) were
all about the size of good hickories valued at 18 to 20 millions-
Rubies and Emeralds large as black walnuts, also sapphires same
size,  and every variety of gems in sizes never before seen
by us.   The room was full of curiosities, royal presents, in
every style of mounting,  some for their value and other for their

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