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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 174        Dresden

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 various pictures, several of them women,   not at all disturbed
by the tramping around them.     This was a “free day” when
the poorer classes enjoy without money, but the rules and ushers
maintained good order so that there was no loud conversation.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 We ended at the farther corner from our Raphael com-
mencement,   into a room very similarly situated,  containing
a picture in a walnut and gilt frame vieing [sic] in elegance &
architectural merit, with the first.      A picture of the
same class,  by Holbein the Younger, of “Mary and child, at
her feet Jacob Maier Burgomaster of Bâle with his family,
the finest picture in the gallery after the Sixtine Madonna”
So reads the catalogue,   but I preferred it to Raphels, as
a finer pice of coloring,    and am inclined to believe it
the finest of all.       As a family likeness, one is likely to
become a little confused,  passing down the Halls from
Raphael to Holbein.   Among two or three hundred (or less) of
“Mary and child” in every possible attitude, expression, and
style, no two alike.     For my taste the representations
from Biblical imaginations are rather too numerous,
room after room of them,  many of them fifteen to twenty
feet square-          Too old,        too many “old masters”,
After all this tiresome tramp I felt aching void for some-
thing modern, bright, cheerfull [sic]-        On the ground floor
are a large and good collection of Crayon portraits of Queens and
their families.      An artist was copying in pastel, a picture
of the “chocolate Girl”,  He asked of me $60 for the copy.   It was
charming and lived in my memory as a finer and more pleasing

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