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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the country landings  two to three hours away,  always arrive
crowded in the mornings,  a long slim deck packed as thick as
people can stand.     And the largest part of them, frequently all
of them, are women with Baskets on their backs,  a hundred
of them,  all the same shape, sometimes varying a little in
size, containing market truck.          Old women wrinkled and
withered bending nearly double under a basket probably weighing much
more than I do, and frequently having a a jar or pail in each
hand also.         Sometimes see two strong appearing men lifting
with difficulty, one of those baskets onto a womans back.    Women
march off loaded down while their husbands walk beside them
hearty healthy looking, without a pound.                  The women in
the harness beside the Dog will bend forward at an acute
angle in her brisk energetic march drawing the immense
load while their husbands walk beside,  doing nothing-
Yesterday when we were all out walking,   a wagon passed us
drawn by a small Dog and large man, with a small woman
pushing behind,     the unusual sight of a man drawing made
us all look around.    A few paces beyond us, they stopped,
the man walked back; gesticulated with his clenched fist, then
struck the woman in her side  and after a few more threats pass
on,  the woman making no resistance.   Doubtless she had not
helped enough.    Ma and Anna became excited, wanted to
pitch in with their parasol handles-          These
women, hardworking, energetic, patient, with their smart pace
always interest us.   We admire their pluck and pit their

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