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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 168        Dresden

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 told the cabman to take us to an English church,    to hear
something said in English amidst this continual jargon of
foreign tongues,  taking our chances on the fact, stopped
at a plain building in a shady yard  apparently the wing to
the adjoining block, ver little like a church,   we said “drive
on”.  Next stopped at a hansome [sic] little stone church with tall
steeple, all in the purest gothic,   entered and found our-
selves amidst a small congregation of intelligent approving
people apparently English.     The service was the English
high Episcopalean,  choristers, priests and assistants all
in white gowns,    printed formulas spun out in the most
monotonous and disagreable [sic] monotones followed by a very
weak sermon.         As usual the “contribution box” was
passed,  not a box saucer, plate or hat,  but a kind
of bag of red velvet,  resembling a good sized watch-slipper.
One of them was passed over the backs of the seats towards
me.  I reached out a florin,  but the aperture was too
small for my unskilled fingers and the heavy silver piece
fell with a crash to the floor rolling around lively,   the
lady in the next pew found and restored it to the watch-case.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 22nd  Today has been a dark, dismal rainy day with howling
cold wind.   Called upon Mr. Irish, American consult to present
the compliments of Gov. Curtin.   Found him pleasant.  Tells me
that the Americans have a mistaken idea of the Prussian peoples and
the national resources.    That the woman are so habituated to
doing mens work, harvesting +c, that the soldiers homes and crops
will be provided for.     His wife and Daughter called during the

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