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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 arches,  and is 1350 feet long  , built about 1730 A.D.
One of the buttresses and two of the arches were blown up by
the French Marshall Davoust to cover his retreat in 1813
and a flood in 1845 carried away another, but all are now
rebuilt.       The crowd is so great that an officer
constantly stands at each end to see that every one passes
to the right-                    It is in consequence of the scarcity of
bridges.           The only other bridge that we have seen
is about half a mile farther down, seen from our rear windows
very plainly.       We rode over it-     It is quite similar
to the old one,  except the arches which are longer, 100 ft
each,  total length  1500 ft.     One half of it is occupied
by steam railways.                        The city has a population
of about 155000.  is hansomely [sic] situated on the Elbe, which
is here, wider than the average,    about two thirds being on
this (south) side of the river-    while this side is quite level
the other side as far as I can see up and down,   is a
continuous range
of hansome [sic] sloping
hills bordering the
river,  thickly
dotted with country
residences-  not a
very common sight
in Europe thus far.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 There are a
good many sloops            [-Picture Gallery-]

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