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Grand division under Prince Frederick Charles,   with the
head quarters close at hand containing the King William 1st,
Genl in chief–Moltke, and prime minister Bismark besides
other Good advisers-   All, concentrated upon the borders,
and within two weeks after the declaration of war by France
had began a combined invitation of her territory with the
largest army ^that^ ever attempted it-   And indeed its a wonderfully
bold undertaking to attempt the invasion of so powerful an
Empire-    Marching around the immense French fortress
of Strasbourg, leaving a force to watch it- and pushing on
towards Paris,  capturing at great sacrifice one fort after
another,  constantly pushing back the astonished and
overwhelmed French who it appears were ^either^ not ready or very
poorly handled,    these three greatedivisions have splendidly
and in good season concentrated around and near Nancy
and Metz whose strong fortifications hold the mountain
passes which defend Paris-     These passes are the “Keys”
and must be held at any sacrifice.      Severe encounters
have already taken place, always more favorable to the
Prussians,  still the “Great battle” which the anxious world
awaits is unavoidable  does not yet seem to begin.      A
short despatch this morning shows that it came near a commence-
ment yesterday-    “A battle before Metz lasting twelve hours,
driving the French back,  killing two Generals and wounding two
more” (all Prussians)   dreadful havoc.   All anxiously await the
Details-    Words cannot express the terrible crime.

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