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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 consciencious [sic] scruples of Mrs. JH. against vandalism,  and in a moment of lagging behind the party,  a couple of inches from a ragged corner, quickly changed hands,  catching up to us in the next room she finds evidences of vandalism from one high in authority, at one time.   It is Fredericks public office, on the corner, next to the street, where, by the aid of sloping mirrors, he could see all the applicants for admission, the common people, who were required to stand under a tree by the side walk in front of his windows.     The tree still stands, and so does the table, nearly a hundred years since the Great Frederick was notified that his time had come.     From the top velvet covering of this small table, a light blue, there has been cut out a piece perhaps six by ten inches, done by Napoleon the Great in his days of victory,  both, the table and a kind of wardrobe 7 or 8 ft hight, are hansomely [sic] veneered with turtle shell.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 The next room contains his select little library filled mostly by Voltaire his favorite.   In a glass covered case about two feet square are several small relics.     His flute, of ivory, very plain, and without the assisting stops and scientific attachments introduced by moderns’-    his gold snuff box (or tobacco) which stopped the bullet in battle, and the bullet lays there with not a dent in it and many things now passed from my memory.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 Passing on, through several large and elegantly furnished saloons, too elaborate for me to attempt a description,  we reach, at the opposite corner of the Palace another favorite room of Fredericks,  small, richly furnished,  not so large as my reception room at home, in the centre of which stands a

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