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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 This incline was for the convenience of the infirm King, who was drawn up in a cart. The old castellan trotted us through more rapidly than our curiosity dictated.  Would unlock a large pair of doors bronze and gilt, and after all had passed in, walk around the sides of the rooms calling off the names of the Kings, Queens, +c represented in the large gaudy paintings, or the quality of the furniture, in a singsong priestly voice, speaking the piece of his daily routine.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 It was like roaming through fairy land. All gaped and wondered.  Unfortunately for our party, the lingo was spun in the German language, but our Henry did very well translating to us, hurriedly between ^the^ breathing spells of the castellan.  Such large rooms, and high ceilings,  such Gobelin tapestry, inlaid floors and chandeliers.  In the white saloon Anna counted forty three immense chandeliers covered with crystals and silver (for candles) suspended from the cieling [sic].  One chandelier in one of the rooms cost $6000. Another one was composed of 900,000 pieces of glass crystal, +c-  “Gobelin” on some of the walls cost $48 per yard.  Two immense cha candelabras 8 ft high, and a boldly ornamented balcony in the throne room, now silver plated , were originally in solid silver, melted up by Frederick the Great during

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