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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 shrubbery brings us to a series of immense cages containing a large variety of Eagles, each cage having an old branching barkless tree 15 or 20 ft high for the Eagles to perch upon,   on the right a series of pens for Deer and Kangaroos with a good sized enclosure for each variety to roam in. Farther ^on^, a large series of cages holding a great variety of small Birds, in each division is a neat little yard containing shrubbery, grass, and dry trees for perching so that the Birds have ample room for exercising their natures freely. On the left,  a series of water tanks for Beaver from whence, they have underground passage to the hill and thickit behind. About 15 rods further on to the right a series of immense cages containing Monkeys dozens of them, jumping playing quarrelling [sic], very amusing to the children   Then a yard containing a canal, another with an Elephant, and so on for a mile or two of walks winding around, up and down hill, across bridges. Every kind of animal having a house and yard attached with an amount of room and furniture appropriate  to the size and nature of the animal. Four Giraffs [sic], three Zebras, three Buffalos, Deer, Elks, Gnu’s, 

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