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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 America, to go to the grand, imperial city, of St. Petersburg, on to the Asiatic city of Moscow so different from modern cities with its Great bells, one of them large enough to cover forty people, thence on to the border of Asia to the city of Nidj Novgor^od^d (one nights ride from Moscow) to attend the great Asiatic annual fair,  where the city of 40.000. swells to a moving mass of 250000, so thoroughly foreign, but our time is now so short before going to Switzerland that our family could not comfortably stand the fatigue and furthermore it would shorten too much our stay at Berlin. Having come to Europe more for health and comfort than laborious travelling [sic] we shall make the best of our disappointment by having more and easier times in Berlin and Dresden. The “London Times” says that the Prussians having a navy so inferior to the French, will observe the stay at home policy and close their ports, and that they have already sunk multitudes of Torpedoes so we are not anxious to sail over them.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 During the past week there has [sic] been reports of several small skirmishes with the French, but today the reports are larger, The Crown Prince Frederick William commanding the third

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