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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 summit of the mountain 1350ft above the river Fulda, stands a strange structure, called the Riesenschloss or Octagon, surmounted by a colossal statue of Hercules, not occupied for residence, but used for ornamental waterworks, and at certain times a charming cascade 900 ft long, is precipitated down the descent before the octagon, also furnishes the “great fountain” at the foot of the hill with water to throw a jet 190 ft high of large dimensions, the chief boast of Wilhelmshoe, but as it only plays on Sundays we were not favored with a view of the Great squirt.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 We gained admittance to the palace and highly enjoyed an hours promenade through the vast extent of richly furnished apartments. This palace was not built by the private wealth of the nobility,  but the general gov^t and is consequently supposed to be furnished a little richer than the average of castles Every floor wood, nicely inlaid,  but never a carpet. Walls all covered with “Gobelin” of different colors and designs, furniture covered with the same, frescoes over head to match, gilt clocks vases, and many paintings of landscapes and portraits, the latter pertaining to the royal family.  One of them was exceedingly comical and amused us more than anything, A full length group of the Landgrave Moritz, his Wife, and 14 children, painted in 1618. The muscular parent with Knee breeches and a feathered hat at one end, at the other end about 15 feet way the mother with the youngest in her arms, and between them two rows of children standing in regular order according to highth [sic] the lowest in front as stiff and regular as a company of soldiers

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