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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 roofs, no wooden house, and very few stone ones, generally one church spire, houses always jammed up, compactly with no scattering suberbs [sic], hugging up to the church like a brood of frightened chickens around the Hen- Never see any houses in the country between the villages, while such cultivated farms in America would be covered with cheerful farmhouses, not one is to be seen here, occasionally a noblemans palace on some commanding eminence, nothing else, not even a barn anywhere. Towns look clean, white, but always with a “finished” ^look^  as Ma says- no signs of growth, or business, sleepy and quiet.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Immediately after Breakfast we took cab from our Hotel du Nord, to the Freiderichsplatz, a good sized square in the best part of the Town- No grass, no fine promenades, and no particular architectural beauty in the surrounding buildings. In the centre of the Platz is a colossal marble state (in 3 sections)  of the Landgrave Frederick 2nd who, during our revolutionary war 1776, loaned the British, 12000 of his soldiers For the bloody pittance of 22 million Thalers $9.240.000.     

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