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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 22nd  Today we varied the ‘routine’ by a delightful little excurs^i^on. 11 oclock found us (five) inside a very comfortable covered carriage, with Henry beside the coachee, rolling along over one of the charming roads leading Southwest from Hombourg. After passing through two or three old towns, we reach, eight miles distant, the ancient and little larger town of Kroenbeg [sic Kronberg im Taunus?]. Winding our way up the main street between compact rows of antique buildings having high peeked [sic] roofs and small windows, we reach the foot of the hill on which stand an old Castle. We alight, walk through a kind of Barn-yard, up a narrow stone path, between modern built stone fences and the old church forming a part of the Castle wall, to the old arched passage leading into the castle yard, where we pass through groups of dirty little Dutch children from the schools. The old chapel and Castle are now used for that purpose

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 We go up 30 or 40 more steps onto the rock on which stands the old square Tower and from where we obtained a charming view of the surrounding villages, farms, +c.. Jep and I attempt the ascent of the Tower.   After going up three or four sets of rickety wooden steps we are stopped by a wooden door locked-  Descend, to meet an old woman following with a little cup of oil and a floating wick, indicating a dark passage. As this ‘one horse’ castle does not compare very favorably with the Grand old “Konigstein”  one mile further on, we conclude not to spare any more time and slowly descend-

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 The castle is ^a^ very cheap looking edifice of moderate proportions

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