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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the shop, finds one side dragging on the floor while the other side modestly holds up four or five inches.   No amount of revolving before the mirror will rectify it. Courier rushes up town for the Authors of the mischief, presently a couple of smiling pretty French girls make their appearance. The case is presented in the mild manner usual upon such occasions. Frenchies, with a weak comprehension of our English adjectives, depart smiling their readiness to amend. The next day we find said skirt upon our table. An anxious revolution before the mirror finds no improvement in the fit. Courier rushes off again. Frenchies soon appear, said skirt is spread on the floor, displaying a patch on one side and an irregular gouge sliced from the other. Ma and Anna to facilitate matters both explain at the same time– Frenchies a little slow on the English, consequently our ladies talk louder (talking louder always seems to make their assent quicker). They retire again all smiles and willingness. This performance transpires four or five times, on four or five successive days.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Begins to be a little monotonous, especially for the ladies, they imprecate gently, threaten, to “make them a present of the whole dress”,  +c..  +c.  Frenchies fortunately comprehend only the plainest english [sic] and remain in blissful ignorance of our sarcasm.  We are obliged to admit their cheerful patience and today the affair culminates with a passable fit, the fashionably large Sash conveniently covering the patches.     So we go.

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