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oppressed came to bid the Emigrants
adieu, presenting tin cups, pans,
and little remembrances within their
scanty means. The cries and
lamentations of those left behind was
heartrending. To many an old
woman, the departure of her children
was like death and burial for
she will probably never see them
again in this world-
The ride to our steamer through
the fine spacious harbor filled
-The Emigrant- with shipping was pleasing.
One of the war ships, the “Northumberland” is enormous, carrying
five masts- Being low-tide we found our
ship six miles away, in the outer harbor, hid from Queenstown
by a natural breakwater, an island covering the whole mouth
of the Bay and surmounted by a large fort commanding
both shores. Two other forts on the highlands each side of
the outer harbor renders it impregnable-
On board of the hansome new steamship “Atlantic”
we happily found the families of Mr Castle and Mr Burt of
Cleveland. There are about one hundred and
fifty cabin passengers and five hundred and thirty emigrants-
At four P.M. Steamed out into the Atlantic ocean and
began our long journey against a strong head wind, to toss us about-

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