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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 drinking and reeling together, singing and dancing before the
street musicians, piling onto the little Donkey carts, running,
whooping unrestrained, anything for fun or drink-
A morning ^dispatch^ says a sailor of this fleet fell yesterday and was killed
while attempting to kiss the blarney stone (probably on the outside)
24th Glad we do not have to go aboard of our ship today as it
has blown a gale all day. She leaves Liverpool this P.M.-
but shall be glad to
leave this filthy Hotel
Only those who have
travelled a year and a
quarter steadily can
appreciate our feelings
at the near approach of
our day for sailing
homeward bound. So
-Queenstown- think of the excursions by
boats, cars, and carriages all over now- Only the labor of
packing, sewing, shopping, mending, +c preparatory to the last
long trip can relieve our far reaching thoughts stretching across
the broad Atlantic to our comfortable homes-
Our car riding through Europe has been generally accomp-
lished with reasonable comfort because we have (with two or three
short exceptions) always travelled first class where we ^have^ not been
crowded with the rudeness that attends second class compartments
Cars in Europe and the British Isles are quite unlike those in
America. No car for passengers or freight ever has more than

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