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We could scarcely sleep last night for the hammering in the shops
near by, where they were preparing devices for their reception of
the French officials and their wives today- As we
drove out of town we found the stores closing, people gathering
in the streets with and without badges. On the corners were men
distributing sprigs of laurel, olive, and other greens to them.
Half way to Blarney Castle we met the French in carriages es-
corted by the Irish officials and a brass band. They had stopped
at the Castle, from Blarney station but the stubborn servant refused
to open the castle gates to the procession (as this illiberal [sic] landlord
of 15000 acres was not at home) which will breed a row somewhere.
On our return we undertook a little shopping, got caught
on a street corner by the approaching procession and was compelled
to see it all, an hour long- Trade societies, of carpenters
of shoemakers, saddlers, painters, and dozens of other societies.
Each carrying a large
banner on a waggon
headed by a band of
indifferent music, the
members following wearing
badges or green sprigs,
but the order of the ranks
was broken up by the pop-
ulace of both sexes young
-St Patricks Quay- and old crowding upon

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