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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 On the left we enter the
large square tower, passing
the doorkeeper a little
weazened [sic] faced old woman,
who was facing a teazing [sic]
bevy of ragged youngsters
pretending to want admission
giving them each volleys as
only an Irish tongue can
master- We asked -The “Grand parade” Cork-
her to show us the “Blarney stone” and she showed us a stone nearby
in a dark room, but we had been forewarned and did’nt believe
her, as the “rale stone” [sic] hung from a “projecting buttress at the top of
the castle”. Our ladies found the narrow winding stairway very
fatiguing, 120 ft high. The view from the summit is charming
hills, valleys, and near by the pretty “Blarney lake” of nine acres-
In this uninteresting ruin there is nothing but the “Blarney stone” to
look for. From the top of the projecting buttress, in front, a couple
of iron bars hang over holding up a stone bearing date 1703, quite acces-
sible- The majority believe that to be the “real”, and Jep kissed it to ful-
fill the saying and loosen his tongue, but the real stone formerly hung
twenty feet below the top bearing date 1446, and its location is now in doubt.
A writer says “It is almost as marvelous as the power attributed to the Blarney
‘stone that a few lines containing no merit in themselves save their absurdity
‘should succeed in gaining a world wide notoriety for a place which otherwise
‘would scarcely have been celebrated beyond its own vicinity”-
We throw down pennies into the ^clustered^ scores of ragged children to see them tumble

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